A special pupil: Alberto Urso, fly my joy!

Alberto Urso won Amici 2019. The talent conceived and conducted by Maria De Filippi ended with the final on 25 May 2019, which decreed the winner of this eighteenth edition of the Canale 5 show.

Daria Masiero’s pupil from 2012, for Maria De Filippi he represented “a breath of fresh air on the show, a good and affectionate boy, who made people laugh when he secretly ate in the house and when he sang he always asked:” How did I go? “. And every time he had done it very well ». But Alberto Urso, the tenor who won the 18th edition of “Amici”, is above all a very talented boy.Continue reading →

Ten minutes of applause for Tosca

“Tosca” is never out of fashion. After 119 years from the first performance in Rome, the three-act melodrama of Maestro Giacomo Puccini, with the libretto by Giuseppe Giacosa and Luigi Illica, arrived on Sunday 24 March at the Teatro Cagnoni in Vigevano. The event immediately had the taste of “great occasions”, so much so that the tickets were already sold out two months before the performance. This is mainly thanks to the great names of the world lyric scene: Daria Masiero, Tosca, Fabio Armiliato, Cavaradossi, and Fabio Previati in the shoes of Scarpia.Continue reading →

Slovenia: standing ovation for Daria Masiero’s Aida

All standing to applaud and exalt the excellent performance of the Soprano in the two performances of Aida held on 14 and 16 January 2019 in Ljubljana.

Daria Masiero, at her debut in Slovenia, has bewitched the audience thanks to an excellent mastery in the use of the “mezzevoci” and the “filature” even in the most inaccessible parts of the role, convincing and exciting the public that has repaid her with a tribute of other times.Continue reading →

Rovigo – “Le Nozze di Figaro”: Mozart’s crazy carousel until the final ovation

“Great night, great emotion, great success. “Le nozze di Figaro”, signed by Massimo Pizzi Gasparon Contarini, have won the Teatro Sociale over. The opera, which was staged on Friday 14 and Sunday 16 December 2018 as part of the Opera Season, was promoted with flying colors by the large audience, which even during the performance did not hold the applause, culminating at the end of the show.Continue reading →