At the Teatro Filarmonico in Verona the Butterfly of Daria Masiero touches the strings of the soul

ARENA DI VERONA Foundation: Teatro Filarmonico, December 2019. With three performances that sold out, the Butterfly of Daria Masiero has enchanted and moved reaching directly to the heart of the public who has repaid her with a shower of applause prerogative only of the great artists.

The soprano gave a Cio-Cio-San of noble composure and great psychological depth.
[… the soprano Daria Masiero has shown elegant composure and good care in the psychological performance of the character, finding an intimate correspondence in the moments of greatest intensity …]”.

“… Daria Masiero replaces Sato in Act II, and the scene gains her majestic and imposing figure of woman. The song is valuable, sinuous and never over the top, beautiful high notes, even these without excess. Masiero unravels a beautiful range of moods and feelings, and it gives us back an immovable and passionate woman, but always of a chaste behavior, intimately balanced between faith and despair”.

“… if we want to talk about interpretations that touch the subtle strings of our deepest Being, then Daria Masiero shows us that this is possible and that it is not enough to have perfect intonation, impeccable costumes and a masterful direction behind you, you need that Fifth Impalpable essence perceptible only with the Soul, and Daria possesses it”.

“… Daria Masiero played a tender and dignified Butterfly, with a well-stamped and secure singing performance”.

“… Daria Masiero with an artistically mature vocality, which has surrounded Butterfly with inner strength and determination, with intense and painful drama”.

Daria Masiero will be protagonist in Verona again on the occasion of the traditional New Year’s Concert, scheduled at the Teatro Filarmonico on Tuesday 31 December 2019 at 9:45 pm.

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