Lucca, Pisa, Livorno sold out for Tosca

“A great success at the Teatro del Giglio for the first Giacomo Puccini’s Tosca: long minutes of applause gratified the cast, in a sold-out theater in every order of places for the opening title of the 2019-2020 opera season and the Puccini Days.

A full and convinced success for all the artists – from the conductor Marco Guidarini to the director Ivan Stefanutti (who also signed scenes and costumes), Marco Bargagna (choir master) and Sara Matteucci (choir master white voices) -, for the Orchestra della Toscana, the Coro Ars Lyrica and the Choir voices Teatro del Giglio and Cappella Santa Cecilia.

The performers Daria Masiero (Floria Tosca), Enrique Ferrer (Mario Cavaradossi) and Leo An (Barone Scarpia) are highly applauded, and with them Matteo D’Apolito (Cesare Angelotti), Saverio Pugliese (Spoletta), Donato Di Gioia (Il sagrestano), Marco Innamorati (Sciarrone), Lorenzo Nincheri (Un carceriere) and Giovanni Fontana (Un pastore) “.

After performing in Lucca, Tosca also won the Verdi of Pisa, 15 and 17 November, which with so many long and warm applauses has certified an announced success.

Appointment now at the Goldoni of Livorno, 14 and 16 February 2020.

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