Simon Boccanegra: the Verdian title conquers Varna

“An extraordinary performance of great artistic depth captures the audience and decrees the definitive consecration of the Verdian title in Bulgaria.

The Varna open-air theater, with its large ivy-wrapped walls, was once again the stage for a very successful premiere of the Summer Opera Festival in Varna, on the occasion of the Simon Boccanegra title. This Verdi masterpiece, although not one of the most popular operas by the Bulgarian public, will surely become one of its favorites after this performance.

The Opera reports the story in Italy, at the time of the Doges, and tells the dramatic story of a civil war in the 13th century between aristocrats and commoners in the famous and historic city of Genoa, which currently shares an international twinning with Varna.

The magical atmosphere of the Varna theater was the ideal frame for this performance, which could count on an international cast of big names in the main roles. Everything worked like a well-oiled mechanism, starting from the Orchestra and choir of Varna, well directed and coordinated by Maestro Nicoletta Conti of Bologna and with the functional direction of the director of the Macedonia opera, Dejan Proshev.

Among the excellent protagonists, the high vocal quality test offered by the baritone Kiril Manolov in the role of Simon Boccanegra and the wonderful soprano Daria Masiero, engaged here in the very successful debut in the role of Amelia. The role of the regal Jacopo Fiesco has been proposed in egregious way by the low Dejan Vachkov, while excellent interpreter of the role of Gabriele Adorno was the renowned tenor Ivan Momirov, darling of the local public.

All the cast as a whole provided a great quality test, thrilling the audience who gave all the participating artists warm applause and a long series of ovations”.

Success also confirmed in the enchanting replica of Veliko Tărnovo.

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