2019: Verona, Civitanova, Catania. The year of Butterfly

2019 is undoubtedly devoted to the splendid figure of Madama Butterfly, represented by the soprano Daria Masiero, in three different productions during the year, from north to south, throughout Italy.

The first performance, on March 15th, opened the season of the Rossini Theater in Civitanova, with “seven minutes of applause for the much appreciated Daria Masiero, tragic and pitiful Madama Butterfly” who with “an excellent performance” has collected eight hundred tickets at the box office.

The same result in May for the four performances at the Teatro Massimo Bellini in Catania, directed by Lino Privitera and conducting by Gianna Fratta, where the soprano brilliantly won the challenge of staging a more introspective and dramatic than sentimental and dreamer Butterfly, “with a certainly superior vocal maturity, a uniformity in the texture, an incisive phrasing and a good diction “.

But, as they say, perhaps the best is yet to come … the trilogy will in fact close on December 17th at the Verona Philharmonic Theater, when Butterfly of Daria Masiero will have the task of answering Cecilia Gasdia’s illustrious call to “project the Arena brand abroad ”.

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