A special pupil: Alberto Urso, fly my joy!

Alberto Urso won Amici 2019. The talent conceived and conducted by Maria De Filippi ended with the final on 25 May 2019, which decreed the winner of this eighteenth edition of the Canale 5 show.

Daria Masiero’s pupil from 2012, for Maria De Filippi he represented “a breath of fresh air on the show, a good and affectionate boy, who made people laugh when he secretly ate in the house and when he sang he always asked:” How did I go? “. And every time he had done it very well ». But Alberto Urso, the tenor who won the 18th edition of “Amici”, is above all a very talented boy.

An absolute talent cultivated over the years the one of Alberto, up to the entrance in the studies of the program where together with his teacher he succeeded in turning the dream into reality.

“Here we are, we have reached the first stage of a journey that, I am sure, will take you very far. I am convinced of it since I met you for the first time in Melbourne, you were still a boy, but already rich in talent and with eyes full of light, like now. In these years, and even more in recent months, we have worked together to cultivate your gift, a precious flower that has blossomed into its perfect, natural condition, “Amici”, because friendship is the feeling you instill in whoever crosses your path. The final is close, even if the result is of little importance. My advice for tonight is: have fun and let yourself be swept away by the warm wind of music, which is life, and then fly my joy, but remember: this is just the beginning! ”


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