Rovigo – “Le Nozze di Figaro”: Mozart’s crazy carousel until the final ovation

“Great night, great emotion, great success. “Le nozze di Figaro”, signed by Massimo Pizzi Gasparon Contarini, have won the Teatro Sociale over. The opera, which was staged on Friday 14 and Sunday 16 December 2018 as part of the Opera Season, was promoted with flying colors by the large audience, which even during the performance did not hold the applause, culminating at the end of the show.

the voice of the soprano Daria Masiero is a long sigh of pure lyricism. A wide bow from the pianissimo to the cry inside a wise disentangle of the winds on the soft carpet of the arches.
The Countess is alone on stage in a monologue all intimacy, an inner reflection. “Porgi amor …”, a dialogue with love imbued with aching melancholy and tender dignity …

…The grand finale: everything in the garden is ready for the night of appointments, intrigues, exchanges in person. And on this Mozart builds an extraordinary final “concert” in which everyone enters. In the darkness of the garden all lovers confuse one another’s identity.

A strange freak that outlines with grace, with psychological finesse, each character coloring him, each one of his personal color, unmistakable, and that just as it seems sucked into the dizzying unleashing of the most absurd cheating. But the wonder is that all this happens in music!
Unforgettable evening. All the theater standing for a wonderful ovation.
“A few moments like this beautiful” Umberto Saba would say”.

Carlo Folchini – Rovigo Oggi

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