With an extraordinary Norma, Daria Masiero accompanies Rijeka towards the role of Capital of Culture 2020

Norma, Rijeka – 06/11/2018. The show, extremely original, re-presents the myth of Norma in a bare dress, far from the neoclassicism of tradition, to immerse it in a severe and lunar climate.

The scenic elements are very few and large space is given to the ritual that accompanies the priestly role of Norma. Her appearance in the first act, installed on a sort of raised sedan chair, is really impressive.

At the same way, a provocative evidence has her transformation from virgin praying to mother affectionate and passionate lover in the scenes in which emerges her private “scandalous”, hidden to his father Oroveso, who not for coincidence in the show is blind.

An exciting Norma under the scenic profile, which Daria Masiero was able to make unique with a masterly interpretation that reached straight the heart.

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