Ferrara: a breathtaking Liù

A Turandot without the final of Franco Alfano who left the audience of the Teatro Comunale di Ferrara breathless on the occasion of this revival of the Puccini masterpiece.

For a well chosen decision of the director Massimo Pizzi Gasparon Contarini, which recall the staging by Pier Luigi Pizzi, the unfinished work of Giacomo Puccini ends the same way in which it came to light in 1926 at La Scala, when Arturo Toscanini directed exclusively the music composed by Puccini: the canvas falls, therefore, with the death of Liù and with the execution of the admirable “threnos”.

“Probably the best Liu of the international lyric scene, Daria Masiero offers as always a wonderful performance, outlining a strong character both vocally and scenically. It is, we know, the only truly human character of the story and the browned voice of the interpreter offer exciting moments both in Signore, ascolta and Tu che di gel sei cinta, masterfully performed”.

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